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• The combo «El Complacido» has the following products and weighing:
– Pork chunks 3 lb
– Pork steak 3 lb
– Pork chop 3 lb
– Pork rib 3 lb
– Ham Ham 2 lb (100% Pork)

– Cooked Ham 2 lb
– Pork loin – smoked 2 lb
– Ribs – smoked 2 lb
– Sausage 1 lb (cantimpalo, with garlic or pepper)
– Ham Leg 2 lb
– Bacon 1 lb
– Pork or Pork and Chicken burger 5 u
– 2 types of produce 8 lb (malanga, yucca, sweet potato, green bananas, others)
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Combo #3 El Complacido

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